Omega-3 and Your Heart

Heart attack has been topping the killer disease chart list; it kills every minute. And on a related issue, in the US, 96, 000 deaths every year has been attributed to low intake of EPA and DHA omega-3 fatty acids, a heart condition related numbers. So where does the line between omega-3 and heart condition… Continue reading Omega-3 and Your Heart

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5 Best Fish for Your Health

Fish is healthy for overall health. Men and women, kids and adult alike may need something that an oily fish can offer—omega-3 fatty acids. But aside from these long chained fatty acids, fish can be a way to help keep your body healthy, keep your system at check minus the cholesterol and the bad fats… Continue reading 5 Best Fish for Your Health

Beating Depression through Diet and Exercise

Depression can lead to much worse cases of alcohol and drug abuse, underachievement in school and in work, social withdrawal and poor physical health. In Australia, almost half of its population experiences mental health problems at some point of their lives. And mostly, it’s the younger people who have the highest number of depression occurrence.… Continue reading Beating Depression through Diet and Exercise

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9 Heart Smart Foods

Cardiovascular and heart diseases are the cause of more than half of overall deaths in the European regions. In the US, heart diseases takes more than $400 billion every year for health care, medications and productivity loss. In Australia, heart diseases are more prevalent among men (5.5%) than among women (4.5%) and kill one Australian… Continue reading 9 Heart Smart Foods

11 Natural Sleeping Tips

Women spends 32% awake than men do. While 62% of adults experience sleep problems at least a few nights in a week. But, what is sleep? How important is it to your health? What does this statistics implies?  And how can you get a long deep sleep in natural way minus the sleeping medications? Sleep… Continue reading 11 Natural Sleeping Tips

How Fathers’ Pre-conception Diet Can Affect Offspring’s Health

A father’s diet prior to his offspring’s conception can play a great role in offspring’s long term health, study says. Usually, in older studies and research, a mother’s diet can get all the attention as she is the one directly responsible for the carrying of the baby for nine months in her womb. But in… Continue reading How Fathers’ Pre-conception Diet Can Affect Offspring’s Health