Menopause Treatment Tips

When you go into Menopause there will be the choice to go onto some type of hormone replacement. There are various types of hormone replacements available and some of these may be chemically based while others take a more natural approach.

The traditional types of hormone replacement use estrogen from an animal source such as from the bladder of certain types of animals such as sheep. The alternative to this is known as a bio-identical estrogen source where the hormone replacement is derived from a plant.

Below are some survival tips you can use when you use a natural hormone replacement system.

1. Sleeping Problems

Due to the hormonal changes in your body you may find that going into Menopause you will struggle to sleep at night. Many women have reported symptoms such as night sweats, heightened anxiety, tossing and turning, or waking up every couple of hours. When you are using BHRT (Bio-identical hormone replacement). You will find a marked improvement in when you sleep at night.

2. Irrational Emotional Upsets

Other symptoms of Menopause may include emotional outbursts such as uncontrollable crying or rage. These types of symptoms are perfectly normal and when you are on the right hormone replacement these symptoms will soon subside.

3. Loss of Memory

For many women Menopause has been known to bring on signs of mental deterioration. You may forget where you left your keys or phone, even remembering people’s names will become a task. For this reason alone it is incredibly important to be on the correct hormone replacement therapy.

4. Increase your Estrogen Levels

There are different types of estrogen present in your body and these will include Estradiol, Estriol and Estrone. The Estradiol is particularly important in activities in the nervous system and your brain. Making sure your estrogen levels are right will lead to less Menopause symptoms.

5. Include Progesterone

Progesterone is the hormone which will calm you down and help you to sleep better at night. Additionally the hormone is needed for the health of your bones and to promote emotional calmness in the body.

6. Balance Cortisol Levels

This means you need to take a hold on your stress levels. Any type of stress whether in an emotional or physical form will cause inflammation to occur in the body. Cortisol is secreted naturally by the adrenal glands in the body to combat inflammation. If there is high levels of stress in your body an overproduction of Cortisol can occur resulting in Adrenal Fatigue. Learn to manage your stress levels in an effective way.

7. Increase your Exercise

Now more than ever it is of importance to increase your exercise program. It is advisable to exercise at least six times a week to keep your hormone levels at the right level. Exercise increases the blood flow which secretes all the feel good hormones in the body and helps to eliminate toxin build ups.

In Menopause it is important to change to a healthier way or eating and exercising with the right hormone replacement methods to reduce your symptoms.

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