Information About Xeomin


Every person is bound to get old with time, which means they will start showing some aging signs through stretch marks on various parts of their bodies. The stretch lines are the early signs that someone is now started to become elderly, which means they are starting to lose the attractive and supple skin they once had. Since no one wants to have aging marks all over his or her body, it would make perfect sense if they tried out some anti aging drugs or creams hence allowing them to keep their beauty for a while longer. Xeomin is now overtaking Botox, which was once the best anti aging product that everyone was proud to use due to different reasons.

Just like Botox, Xeomin contains Botulinum toxin as its active ingredient that is very essential for fighting wrinkles by eliminating the permanent marks left by various muscle movements. Through this active ingredient, people are certain about maintaining the softness and evenness of the skin thus ensuring they keep the youthful look on their face. Xeomin however has an added advantage over Botox in that it does not have additives like the ones used in Botox, which makes it fairly more superior since the user is safer from the side effects of some of Botox’s additives.

There is less likelihood that a patient will develop any resistance when they use Xeomin as an anti aging drug because the Botulinum used is free from any protein, thus often referred to as incobotulinum. This is because the body does not detect the presence of protein additives, which would be treated as foreign material thus prompting the release of antibodies to fight that back. Since Xeomin contains incobutulinum, the body does not detect it hence ensuring the effectiveness of the active ingredient.

One great advantage of Xeomin over Botox is the fact that it does not require refrigeration before use, which means you can use it irrespective of whether you have easy access to a refrigerator or not. This is because it does not contain any protein ingredients that may be damaged under harsh environmental conditions, which ultimately translate to easy distribution and use. The fact that it contains Botulinum type A toxins makes it easy to use without worrying about the body fighting it back through antibodies.

Xeomin takes effect within a short time of injection, within 3 days as opposed to Botox, which may take up to 5 days for its effects to be felt. This may be explained by the fact that Botox has chaperone proteins that diffuse slowly in the body, which explains why Botox’s effect is felt after a longer time since Xeomin does not have such proteins. The injection is also very effective in preventing appearance of wrinkles on the eyebrows, mouth, chin, around the eyes and on the forehead since it stops excessive movement of the muscles that control such body parts thus preventing formation of lines that ultimately develop into wrinkles.

All the aging products should be used with care to avoid having the negative effects of their constituent components. For instance, Xeomin should not be used with any other anti aging product that contains a similar active ingredient. You should also be careful during injection to ensure you do not experience bleeding or excess pain.