Knowing How Exercise Can Help With Sports Injuries Is Important

Knowing how exercise can help with sports injuries is very important, because this knowledge will have a great deal to do with successful rehabilitation and recovery. Injuries from sports activities happen at all ages and the recovery process is similar at all points, except at the higher levels, the stakes can be higher.

The first order of business is to always seek qualified medical help to be sure that the injury is treated properly in order to prevent more damage. The immediate treatment that will be appropriate in 99% of the sports injuries, is to apply an ice pack for 20 minutes at a time. The ice can be removed for 5 minutes or so, and then reapplied. This can go on for the first day or two, unless a cast is applied to the area.

The first thing that happens in any sports injury, or any other injury for that matter, is that the area will swell and become inflamed. The body reacts in this way to simply protect itself and provide a means to carry out inflammation and revitalize the area over time. The ice helps to control the inflammation and the swelling, plus most doctors will tell you to take aspirin or ibuprofen, which are anti-inflammatory agents.

From a mechanical standpoint, the degree and the extent of the injury is going to determine how quickly you will be able to start any exercising and rehabilitation. The injury is going to have be in the healing process to the extent that the inflammation and swelling is down enough for any movement to be initiated. The way that an injury heals is that once the inflammation subsides, scar tissue begins to form and then begins to shrink, in order to bring the tissues together. As it shrinks, this is why a tightness begins to develop.

This is when a mild form of exercise, stretching and rehabilitation needs to happen, to loosen up the scar tissue. The intensity of the exercises is increased gradually until normal function is restored to playing ability. This takes a lot of time and effort and should not be rushed. The key is repetitive movement and stretching, light at first, leading up to more intensive exercise as the process goes forward.

Using an example of an ankle injury, such as a sprained ankle, which is fairly common in running sports such as football, basketball, and baseball where the ankle has undue stress put upon it from and odd angle, causing the sprain. The ankle will usually swell immediately, which causes pain, and must be wrapped, and elevated to cause the swelling to decrease. The application of ice as soon as possible is recommended to help reduce swelling.

The normal course of events will then be to begin to move the ankle and cause some motion as soon as possible after the swelling begins to subside, even though it will be a very slight movement. This will encourage the body to begin to get rid of the material that has gone to the area in the swelling process. As swelling decreases more, then a step-by-step program of rehabilitation can be instituted in order to gain stability and strength in the area.

This is not an instant process, by any means, because it needs to be remembered that many repetitious less strenuous exercises and stretching procedures will lead to more rigorous steps as the process continues.

For example, the initial exercises will consist of slowly moving the ankle up and down, and back and forth on a limited. As flexibility and strength in the ankle area increases, then walking, toe raises and lifting the ankle with weights on the front of the foot can gain more strength for the area.

Actually knowing how exercise can help with sports injuries is actually very helpful in a person’s response and dedication to the end result of how that injury can heal and once again function normally. If a person has a sense of what to expect, it is easier from a commitment standpoint, to be able to follow through and continue with the rehabilitation.

Rehabilitation exercises are not easy. They can be difficult and painful, because of the body’s defense mechanisms keep the area tight and stiff to initially protect the area. But in order for the area to become as functional as before, there has to be more flexibility created than the body wants to give. The scar tissue has to be broken down and muscle tone built back up to its original, or better than original tone.

This is why, in many cases, the use of a physical therapist, or the team trainer, or someone else to whom the injury victim can be accountable to works well in the rehab process. If left on our own, it is a lot easier to loaf a little bit here and there, and not achieve maximum results.

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Why You Should Exercise

Exercise is a an activity that maintains and enhances physical fitness, wellness and overall health of an individual. There are different reasons, why an individual performed physical exercise, it may include muscle building and strengthening, improving the cardiovascular system, honing any athletic  skill, weight loss or just plain enjoyment. Regular physical activity helps boost the immune system, prevent heart disease, obesity and diabetes. It gives the body the needed oxygen and helps the blood absorb this needed oxygen and circulate it to the body. It improves mental health, beats depression, boosts self esteem and can level up an individual’s body image and sex appeal. These benefits are hard to ignore. With the present sedated lifestyle of people nowadays, an exercise is a way to keep people really going.

In general, there are three types of exercises:

  1. Flexibility exercises. It helps and improves the flexibility  and the range of motion of the muscles and the joints.
  2. Anaerobic exercises. It increases muscle strength in a short period of time. Activities like sprinting, high intensity interval training and weight training are godly examples.
  3. Aerobic exercises. It focuses on strengthening and increasing the endurance of the cardiovascular system. Swimming, cycling, tae bo, running and jogging are good examples of aerobic exercises.

Benefits of Exercise

The obvious benefits are already mentioned earlier, but let us expand on it further. There are so many reasons why exercise is important especially in our modern and technology driven world. First, it controls weight. Any physical activities burn calories and fats thus it helps reduce weight If the individual is beyond the ideal weight; helps maintain weight if it is within the normal range. Second, it helps fight diseases and reduce developing risks of any health conditions. It reduces the levels of cortisol. Regular exercises also prevent and in some cases treat chronic diseases such as obesity, high blood pressure, heart disease, type 2 diabetes and depression. Aerobic and anaerobic exercises improve the efficiency of the heart by increasing the cardiac volume. Plus regular exercise can improve the motor skills of the individual and helps prevent arthritis. Third, it improves the mood of the person. It increases the brain function because more oxygen is delivered into the brain. It creates new brain cells and increases the chemicals that help cognition. The body will release feel good chemicals after a workout in the gym or over the field. Fourth, it increases the energy level of the body. A well trained and physically enhanced individual through exercise will feel a greater level of energy. The body will adjust and take in oxygen and nutrients at double the normal intake. It’s like using a race quality fuel to run a car. Fifth reason, it improves sleep. Studies were made and proves that regular exercise greatly improves sleep. It treats sleep disorders like insomnia and is  a great alternative to sleeping pills which are dangerous if taken more than the recommended dosage. Sixth reason,  physical activity will promote  a better sex life. A person feeling good and looking the part will generate a positive sex appeal to the opposite sex.

Proper nutrition is equally important  to health as physical activity. Food is the fuel the body use to run, thus it is important to have the correct ration of nutrients in order for the body to recover and adjust after any strenuous exercise. Also take note that too much of something is not good. Over exercising will surely cause injuries and body pain. Give the body ample rest to recover and heal. Enjoy it and have fun.