Your Best Bets Against Cholesterol

There are two kinds of cholesterol the LDL or the bad one and the HDL or the good one. To be able to live healthy, you need to lower your bad cholesterol and increase your good cholesterol. And it can be as easy as eating the right food.

Different foods can lower cholesterol in various ways. Changing what you eat, recreating your diet and including a far more healthy fats in your meals may reduce your chance of heart problems brought by cholesterol.

When the bad cholesterol builds up, a plaque may start to narrow down arteries making you susceptible to blood clots. These blood clots can trigger heart attacks. And these make your quest to lower LDL more reasonable.

10 Foods to Lower Your Cholesterol


Fish is number one in the list since it is rich with the right kind of fats. It is laden with omega-3 fatty acids which can help lower down your LDL. It can reduce your triglyceride levels and is good for the heart.

Chia Seeds

Chia is rich in omega-3, same with the oily fish above. Sprinkling a grounded Chia in your cereal every morning can help in fighting cholesterol and getting your heart into healthy state.

Olive Oil

Olive oil is a fast way to reduce cholesterol. As a substitute from saturated oil, olive can be heart healthy and is filled with good fats. It can help the increase of HDL in one’s blood and can encourage a much slimmer waistline.


Soy is delicious alternative to other foods such as meat and cheese. It can reduce blood cholesterol and slashes down the amount of saturated fat in your diet.  And aside from it replacing saturated fats in your diet, it also contains isoflavones which reduces LDL.


All varieties of beans are recommended for this option. It is good for the heart and is rich in fiber. It reduces LDL and can make you feel fuller making you eat less and feel less hungry later. Beans such as chickpeas, kidney, pinto, black and butter beans can reduce your cholesterol in as much as 10% in 6 weeks.


Oats contains soluble fiber which can be very helpful in contradicting the bad cholesterol. It can aid in digestion, lowers cholesterol and makes you feel full longer avoiding binge eating of unhealthy foods.


Avocado is full of heart healthy fats which can increase the HDL and reduce the LDL. It has been a favorite of many which makes its integration in daily meals easy.


A combination of healthy nuts such as almond and walnuts can help lower cholesterol. It is a good and healthy snack that can lower your triglyceride levels while flushing away the villains of a LDL.

Red Wine

A glass of red wine everyday may lower your cholesterol and may keep your heart healthy. But yes, keep it in one glass max.

Green Tea

Green Tea is a known anti-oxidant which can help lower LDL. It is cancer fighting and has the ability to lower glucose levels among patient with diabetes. It can be a good substitute for other unhealthy beverages such as coffee and even soda.

Foods to Avoid

There are two kinds of food that you need to stay away from. First, the food laden with saturated fats and second, foods that are filled with Trans fat. Saturated fats include regular pork, whole milk, butter and fried chicken. For Trans fat, it includes all foods that are processed such as burger and fries from fast foods.

Image Credit: rogersmj via Flickr