Beat the Christmas Binge, Avoid Overeating

Bingeing on Christmas is fairly common. It is the time when you forgot your fitness routines, your personal trainers aren’t available, your fitness gym classes are cut and you just became invited to lots of parties and happenings.

And due to many eating parties, it can be easy to again a couple of pounds. The food can be the major reason but the i-drop-my-guard phase also set in. now with 2 days to go before the Christmas holiday and the New Year Celebration looming, how do you avoid the extra pounds?

Eat a Healthy but Filling Breakfast

 Usually the parties can start at the eve of 24 and continue during the Christmas evening. So to avoid the overeating and gaining some pounds later, eat a tummy friendly breakfast. It should be healthy yet can still fill you and not make you crave later once you see a tableful of food.

Eat protein first

They can make you feel fuller. Leptin, the chemical messengers can get that kick from protein which can signal you if you’re full already.

Portion your Plates, Skip Calorie Counting

Calorie counting can hamper the holiday spirit. Instead eat the food you like but avoid the ones that can be potentially unhealthy. Portion the part of your plate into non-starchy vegetables, a quarter of lamb or turkey and skin free foods.

And for sauces and gravies, minimize it. For dressings of salad, choose healthier options instead of mayonnaise.

Add Some Heat in Your Food

Hot sauces and other spicy condiments can help in revving up your metabolism. Plus it can help in suppressing your appetite preventing you to eat more. But if your palate can’t take it, go and move on to the next tip.

Kick Up Some Green Tea on Your Meals

Start with breakfast, lunch and finally during the Christmas dinner. Have some green tea. It’s slightly caffeinated and unsweetened. It can fill you up and help your metabolism process. But of course you can’t stop that wine cravings, have the wine after.

Deal with the Leftovers

       Usually the left overs can do the most harm in your waistline. Many people may feel the need not to waste the cake or the big portion of that meat in the refrigerator. For suggestion here are some tips in dealing with your holiday leftovers:

    1. Have your guests bring it home if you feel that it isn’t evil to have them gain the pound instead. Or better, portion them to each of your guests. Sounds better enough.
    2. Freeze food in small portions so you won’t have to take them out in whole the next day and be compelled to eat all of them.
    3. Put food in the fridge not in the fridge. Frozen ones are not easy to eat. This way you can take these frozen ones and prepare a healthy meals instead not just the next day but for the next days.

Or Why Not Go and Eat Out?

A Christmas dinner out can have a few possible benefits. One, there will be no left-over. Two, there can be healthy options in the menu. Three, eat in a posh restaurant (it’s once in a year celebration anyway) and your bill will tell you to stop early. I was kidding with the third one of course.

And Lastly, Let Your Will Win

During this hearty meal season, your will can be overpowered by your palate. Stop. Remember those times you worked out? The times you struggle to lose those extra flabs for months? Why would you have it back in just a day or two of bingeing?


So see, the fattening Christmas banquets can be beaten. So instead of eating a lot, why not enjoy the season through a vacation instead? Or Go and stroll after or go and play with your nephews and nieces and kids. Aside from the feast, it’s a time to reconnect.

Image Credit: Samuel K from Flickr.