A Natural Approach To Cellulite

Women around the world will agree that cellulite is one body problem they want fixed or eliminate. Liposuction is one of the most popular and fastest ways of getting rid of cellulite and unwanted fats. But if liposuction is not celluliteyour cup of tea, then there are natural ways of eliminating cellulites. But first understanding what cellulite is and its causes will help in developing an effective plan in eliminating cellulite.

What is cellulite? It is a condition where fats push against the connective tissue beneath the skin and making the surface look dimpled and with a lumpy appearance. It is usually common  on the thighs and  buttocks and can occur after puberty. The condition is classified  through three grades:

  1. Grade 1 cellulite. There is no clinical symptom but through microscopic examination of the cells, anatomical changes in the underlying area will manifest
  2. Grade 2 cellulite. The skin will have less elasticity and will show pastiness in lower temperature. Anatomical changes will show through microscopic examination.
  3. Grade 3 cellulite. It will give the cottage cheese look and visible dimple like skin will show along with all the grade 2 signs.

Causes of cellulites include:

  • Hormonal factors. It plays a dominant role in cellulite formation. Almost everyone says that estrogen initiates and aggravate cellulite although there has been no concrete clinical evidence or proof to support the claim. Insulin, thyroid hormones, proclatin and catecholamine adrenaline are all believed to trigger cellulite formation.
  • Genetic factors. The angiotensin converting enzyme and hypoxia-inducible factor 1A are traced to trigger cellulite forming.
  • Lifestyle. A stressful lifestyle will automatically trigger an increase in the level of catecholamines, which is associated in cellulite formation. Some diet practices can also diminish of such chemicals. This in turn  will decrease body fat and helps reduce the chances of cellulite formation.
  • Predisposing factors. A number of factors have been proven to affect the development of cellulite. Factors such as subcutaneous fat distribution, race, sex, biotype, predisposition to lymphatic and circulatory insufficiency are proven to contribute to cellulite development.

How To reduce Cellulite Naturally?

Reducing  cellulite the natural way  is one of the best ways of beating the problem. Plus it will have no dangerous side effects, there are no need for any invasive surgeries, it will cost you almost nothing since most of it can be done with at home or by any physical activity or change in lifestyle.

  • Exercise of any physical activity is a sure bet in beating cellulites. Cellulite are stored fats in the body, and these fats are stagnant energy. By doing exercises or any physical activity, it will burn the stored fats and convert it to energy. Fat loss due to exercise will result in a leaner and strong body plus it will enhance the body’s metabolism which will convert more fats into energy. Exercise also promotes good blood circulation and a stronger circulatory system.
  • A healthy diet together with a good physical regimen will also help in combating cellulite development. Minimize processed foods and go to a fiber-rich, vitamins and mineral rich and antioxidant- rich foods. If possible, go for organic foods. A healthy diet change will also flush out toxins out of the body.
  • Go for natural therapies like yoga and meditation. A stressful life can lead to cellulite development. For most women binge eating is one of their defense whenever they are stressed. For men, its beer or any type of alcohol. Attending therapies that teach an individual to relax and meditate will curb out these unhealthy habits. With the right attitude and knowledge, anyone can win the cellulite battle.